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In 1975 La Darsena Art Gallery started in San Domenico square, nearby the Military Academy.

The opening exhibition was "Segni in Bolina" Quinto Ghermandi's 12 engravings, printed by La Darsena Art Gallery using a Bendini's star hand press.

La Darsena Art Gallery is specialized in old master prints, nevertheless exhibitions of modern and contemporary artists were organized at the address of the Gallery during the years.

The publication of the catalogues is always with the principal activities of the Gallery, since 1990 La Darsena improves the section of the old and rare books and in 2001 became ALAI member.

In 1999 La Darsena Art Gallery moved to Via Saragozza at the first floor of an ancient building downtown Modena, very close to the wonderful Romanesque Cathedral, that the Unesco keeps as property of the mankind.